2009 Show and Tell Winners Announced

June 18, 2009

As part of the 2009 Gathering, many members of the Ted Dekker community submitted their own stories. Some sent videos, some recorded songs, and others sent us their writing. Here are the Top 3 winners of this year’s 2009 Show & Tell, which were announced at the Gathering. Congratulations to all of our winners!

1st Place:  Aleena Korrell for her song “Sinner.” Watch her sing “Sinner” HERE. Aleena won a Book of History journal signed by Ted Dekker and Thomas Hunter.

2nd Place: Josh Miller for his poem “Cood Ave Ban.” Josh won a signed 2009 Gathering poster.

Cood Ave Ban

This is the land

Of Cood Ave Ban

I live in the world

That should’ve been

This world was created

The same as yours

But our world was fated

To live evermore

Doomed to never be sedated,

We opened our hearts to Heaven’s Lore.

In this world, our ancestors,

Adam and Eve,

Lived all their long years

With our God who would pass judgement

On those who away would steer

By eating from that evil tree

We’ve never seen a rainay day

We’ve never left the Garden

We don’t know of a gamma ray

We have no need of Pardon

And it’s all because we’ve let stay

That tree that’s guarded now by Arden

I live in the world

That should’ve been

The land that your world

Could have Been.

3rd Place: Vincet for her poem “You and I.” Vincet won a Circle emblem pendant and wristband.

You and I

You see me. I see you.

You hear me. I hear you.

You break me. I remain silent

You hold me. I shrink away.

You reach for me. I cower.

You say I am chosen. I say I am poison

You look at me and see what I don’t know.

I look and see a pathetic existence

You say I am beautiful

I say I am disgusting

You say I have a purpose, a destiny.

I say that none of it could be true.

When you lift me up,

I am pulled back down.

When you heal my wounds,

New ones accompany the rebirth of the old.

You say I am your beloved.

I say I am nothing

You say you will always be there

I say I won’t be here much longer

You tell me that they will be saved

All I see is more pain

You show me heaven and you show me hell

And I have the audacity to ask why you let them fall

You show me your grace

I show you my sin

What’s the point if we are only going to play this game again?

I can’t take it.

You know my heart and you know what my limits are.

Care to tell me what’s going to happen next?

I don’t understand.

Never will

You and I are nothing alike.

A love song man should never be able sing

A constant battle for survival.

Why not end it all?

I guess that’s the difference between You and I.

Your plan is the reason I’m alive.

Still, I’m not alright.

You’re going to have to help me through

Keep my heart true

I guess that’s the beauty of You and I

Guard me while I sleep

And my soul, you keep

Whatever is left of me I give to you

The person that only you knew

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