2010 Gathering Update

December 7, 2009

Since the 2009 Gathering in Nashville you’ve flooded us with emails asking when and where the 2010 event will be. You’ve also given us great feedback on how to make the Gathering accessible to more people. Well, we’ve run with those ideas and today we’re happy to announce that there will be not one, but two Gathering events in 2010, both on weekends:

Chicago, IL (4/17/2010)  AND  Dallas, TX (4/24/2010)

We’re calling the events Gathering 2.0 and they will be different than previous years. How? For one, they will be much less expensive. Less than the cost of a hardcover novel ($25). But, what that means is the event won’t be about dancers, performers, lights, and fog machines. It’ll be about Ted connecting with you and you connecting with each other. Each one will be several hours of Q&A with Ted with a few surprises thrown in. Think of it as a backstage event. You drive to the event in the morning, spend a few hours in the Circle, finish off with a book signing, and go home that same night.

The KICKER? Every attendee will receive a hardcover of Ted’s thriller The Bride Collector (which releases that same week) at the book signing. No additional charge.

Details are being finalized now for ticketing, venue, and times, but we hope to have those wrapped up before Christmas. A perfect stocking stuffer, maybe.

As soon as we have final information we will email everyone and also make it available on Teddekker.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

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