Bride Collector Named a Best Thriller by NPR

August 5, 2010

What are the best written thrillers of all time? This is the question NPR posed to America in July.

Over the course of a month more than 600 titles, the best of the best in the thriller genre, were nominated. The list read like a Who’s Who of suspense powerhouses: King, Ludlum, Christie, Follett, Koontz, Crichton, Fleming, Stoker, Larsson, and many more.

Over 100,000 votes were cast in the search and, this morning, the results were released. Thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm and support of Ted’s community, we are ecstatic to announce that he captured the¬†#43spot with his bestseller¬†The Bride Collector.


Congratulations from everyone here at Creative Trust to Ted. Thank you for the daily sacrifices you make, mostly unseen to the rest of the world, to explore and tell stories that inspire and thrill. We know the pages are written in tears and blood as much as they are in ink. Thank you.

Thank you, too, to the entire Dekker community who believed in this story enough to make NPR sit up and listen. This was no small achievement and it proved that the power really rests with you and not with the publishers, retailers, or critics. Ultimately, it’s your opinion that matters, your voice that counts. Thanks for being heard. It matters.

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