Video! Here comes Immanuel’s Veins

August 11, 2010

VIDEO! For all those who think Ted is too this or too that… here comes Immanuel’s Veins.

Let’s face facts, some people walk past Ted’s book because he has a reputation in some circles for being too this or too that. You fill in the blanks, but you know what we’re talking about, right? Well, for all those who think Ted is this or that, here comes Immanuel’s Veins, a love story that just might shake them to the core.

They might gasp here and there, but they won’t run away, promise. This book is a first of its kind from Ted. Read it, you’ll see what we mean.

Immanuel’s Veins hits shelves in three weeks (9/7 to be exact) and we’d like to reach out to all those people who have passed on Dekker before or been scared away, and let them decide for themselves if he’s this or that. But we need your help so we’ve made it easy for you.

The brand new trailer for Immanuel’s Veins is now live on Ted’s FACEBOOK PAGE, a very cool concept you will love. Watch it by CLICKING HERE and, if you do think it’s cool, we ask you to “Like” it. Then click the SHARE button (look at the bottom of the video description) to spread the word to all your friends via Facebook.

Share the love, that’s all we ask

1. Watch the video. CLICK HERE.


2. “Like” it on Facebook, and…

3. “Share” it with your friends.


4.  Read the book.

Dive deep. Be heard.

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