New Alternative Ending for Green!

December 3, 2010

circle4in1Dekk the Halls, Dekkies. Kevin Kaiser here, Ted’s manager at Creative Trust.

Christmas is fast approaching, which puts you’re in one of two groups when it comes to shopping. If you’re in the 1% minority, your buying was done sometime around Labor Day. For the rest of us the big question is what gift should make the list.

I’m here to help you out, but you first have to know that my answer comes with some controversy if you’re a fan of The Circle Series–a firestorm, really, as controversial as the “What is the island?” explanation on¬†Lost.

Back in 2009 Ted released¬†Green. Since that day there’s been an ongoing debate about how Book Zero of the Circle Series ended with the biggest question mark of all. Some readers embraced the circular ending, other readers longed for more. As things go in our tribe, Ted listened and gave the people what they asked for: an alternate ending that re-imagines Thomas Hunter’s ultimate fate. Book Zero became Book Four and Ted set the story in a new omnibus which includes all four novels in the Circle Series.

This alternate ending can only be found in a special edition 4 in 1 exclusive to Barnes & Noble until it is released next year to other stores. You can pick it up or, I don’t know, make a visit to your local B&N, snag the book, and find a quiet corner (wink, wink). Either way, if you’re a fan of the Circle, you can put it on your Christmas list.

You can buy the book by GOING HERE.

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