The News That Changed Ted’s World Today

March 9, 2011

Koontz…King…Dekker. Today we received Booklist’s review of The Priest’s Graveyard. Never before have we seen the likes of this. Yes, we get lots of good reviews, but this one is in a totally differently league.  Read it below, you’ll see what we mean.

“Dekker’s new thriller is skillfully written, surprising, and impossible to put down. It might, in fact, be his best novel to date. At its center are two compelling characters: Danny Hansen, a priest who doles out punishment to people who have skirted justice through the usual channels; and Renee Gilmore, who has dedicated herself to getting revenge for the murder of the man she loved. When Danny and Renee come together, united by their pursuit of the same man, they are in store for shocking revelations that could destroy them both—and will keep readers captivated to the end. This is an extremely well-thought-out novel, precisely plotted, and, like a good magic trick, deceptive and startling. Although the story’s right-angle plot twist is jolting, it doesn’t feel forced or unbelievable, and the book’s atmosphere is appropriately dark and unsettling, kind of like the feeling you get from the Saw movies (although this book isn’t nearly as graphic or twisted as those). A daring and completely riveting thriller.

HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With more than five million copies of his books in print, Dekker has successfully made the jump from the Christian-fiction market to mainstream bestsellerdom. His latest will hit the street packaged and promoted in the manner of King and Koontz.”

— David Pitt








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