Sign the Book of Mortals. Rise from the Dead.

August 15, 2011

The Book of Mortals is live.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Forbidden, Book 1 of The Books of Mortals, we’re doing something very special. Join us by signing The Book of Mortals, name and email is all we ask.

If you sign the book, we will reward you. We will immediatly give you a free copy of The Keeper, a secret story written only for Mortals, available at the click of a button for all who simply make their mark.

If you sign the book, you may be sent on an all expenses paid trip to Rome, the birth place of Mortals.

If you sign the book, we will give you a free ticket to next year’s Gathering extravaganza.

If you sign the book, you may be rewarded with an iPad, or a Kindle, or an iPod Touch, or a Nook, or other cool gifts we will give away every week.

But most importantly, if you join us, you will be making your mark as one of the living in a world that is dead.

To get your free copy of The Keeper, go HERE. Join us. Please.

Then spread the word to every soul who has read the Circle. Every man, woman and child who would live–every soul you know.

Read on…

In this community, we call ourselves by all kinds of names but we all share a common understanding of a reality that is out of the box. A riveting redemptive history that binds us together. Many of us met in the Circle and we celebrated our profound connection to one another.

Today, a new day dawns. Today, we bring to you a new way of understanding who you are; who we are; who we must be.

One word, understood only by we who know the full truth. MORTAL.

MORTAL. ‘Alive’ and as such belonging to the world of the living, not the dead. I want you to imagine a world in which everyone is dead, because unregenerated, we are dead, yes? But old things have passed away and everything is new. Death is destroyed, replaced by LIFE.

Into this dead world comes one hope: To be brought back to life. To be MORTAL. It’s a staggering, unpredictable world fraught with danger.

It’s the world of a brand new saga called The Books of Mortals, which begins with Forbidden on September 15th, continues with Mortal in June, and then with Sovereign in October of next year. All three books in one year. Initially we intended on delivering the series over three years, but the enthusiasm has grown so quickly behind closed doors that the publisher called us, begging us to allow them to release all three in one year. We finally agreed.

I’ve written this epic with Tosca Lee. We both wrote every chapter, which took a massive amount of time, and the result speaks for itself. Her stunning prose with my native, no prisoners storytelling has created a singular voice. My New York publisher has never reacted with so much excitement to anything I’ve sent them. There is magic in this book, they say. Of course, we know this because it’s about Mortals in a dead world. It’s the story of my readers’ lives.

Like the Circle Series, this epic peels back the skin of this world and reveals another that only Mortals can see. A completely new saga which is connected to the Circle, but in only one small way which will be known only to those who read The Keeper, free to all who sign The Book of Mortals.

First there was The Books of History… now come The Books of Mortals.

This is going to be one heck of a ride over the next year or so, so strap in. Not since the Circle have I told such an ambitious story.

But it begins with you, today. Please click this link–LINK–and at least check out what all the buzz is about. Then join us.

The time of the Mortals has arrived.

This is your story… you will see.

If you like, please let me know by pressing LIKE.

“As a longtime Dekker fan/reader, can I just say one thing: IT’S ABOUT TIME! Dekker fans of The Circle will squeal in delight as they see Dekker return to his earlier roots of fantasy and the darkly spectacular in Forbidden, but Lee’s fans will glory in the beautiful prose and innate elegance that is completely Tosca. Dekker & Lee have crafted a powerful story. Absolutely stunning! The characters are so well developed, the pacing breathtaking, and the storyline so utterly satisfying that I am in tears that its sequel, Mortal, is not yet available. I just have one thing to say after reading Forbidden—it’s good to be ALIVE!” — Ronie Kendig

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