A Message for You From Ted Dekker and a Few Readers Who Want to Say Thank You

Dear Partner in Crime (CBA Retailer):

I trust all is well for you in these most interesting times.

From time to time retailers and customers who are used to seeing a certain kind of book in their stores are exposed to my novels and wonder why thrillers like these sell so well in Christian stores. Why are so many Christians attracted to such intense stories that contain ugliness as well as beauty?

The answer is very plain, actually. They, like me, long for the whole story. We think it’s critical to show the darkness into which the light came; the pit from which we were rescued; to uncover thewolf who comes to steal as well as the lamb slain on our behalf. My novels aren’t just fun-filled stories to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Instead, they retell our own redemptive story, and therefore they must be consistent with the whole truth of that story.

There are many novels that provide ample entertainment for those who want everything to smell nice and look rosy, and that’s fine—clean entertainment has its value. But that’s not what I do and it’s not what my readers long for.

Our redemptive history is filled with the ravages of evil, hell-bent on the destruction of all that is good. That battle between good and evil began with seduction in the garden and will rage on through the great apocalypse yet to come. Make no mistake, the end will see more violence and bloodshed than all of human history combined. I’m sure that when Paul exhorted the Philippians to think on that which was pure and good, he didn’t mean for them to put the horrors of the coming apocalypse from their mind. Or, for that matter, to look away from the prevalent suffering of others around them. God forbid.

Softening the ravages of evil by ignoring it or by masking that evil with a white brush may make some readers more comfortable, but it does so at the expense of the truth and it mocks the victor by lessening the foe. We are saved from hell, not from a Sunday afternoon potluck. It’s only in the context of real tragedy and bondage that rescue becomes meaningful. The good news comes to the muck and mire of a fallen world and these novels explore that good news in a language that connects with the real world.

In BoneMan’s Daughters, for example, I explore the love of the Father for the one lost sheep, a prodigal son story with a daughter, inspired by my own daughter. How far will a father go to save a

daughter in harm’s way? How far will God go to rescue us from the pit?

In The Bride Collector, I continue with the theme of love, this time with the nature of loving the unlovable. What if you were God’s favorite as characterized in the Song of Solomon? Even more, what if you, however unlovable, were his one and only Bride, the sole object of his deep affection?

In Immanuel’s Veins, I explore the profound love of God for a woman who has lost her heart to dark suitor. The novel is full of intoxicating seduction and romance and creatures of the night who lure us into their castles of ruin. But like Boneman’s Daughters and The Bride Collector, it is really a story of God’s irresistible love.

I’ve always seen my relationship with retailers as a critical partnership. The story of our rescue is irresistible to most. If we make it available, people will come and read it and their lives will be changed.

I am so grateful to the CBA for embracing a generation of readers like myself who long for parables of transformative love and grace in an ugly world. Those readers, after all, are the future.

Thank you for your partnership.


Ted Dekker

Ted receives thousands of letters each year, and although as a retailer you may never see these testimonials, this fruit is a part of your labor as much as his. Here are a few letters that might encourage you.

If you would like, you can download a PDF of these testimonials by clicking HERE. Thank you again for all of your support.

I just finished my copy of BoneMan’s Daughters. Great Book!!! Thanks for your continuing Ministry of telling God’s story to thousands in strange and wonderful ways. I look forward to doing my part to make this book yet another of your bestsellers. I pray many blessings for you and because of you for this great effort.
-Store Manager, Jeremy, Kregal Parable Christian Bookstore.

I just finished Boneman’s Daughters. I have an adopted daughter and we are not able to have biological kids. The book hit me hard emotionally (for the obvious reasons) and helped to deepen my understanding of what CHRIST did for us. Thank you very much.
-Bob F.

Just finished reading Boneman’s Daughters. I was overwhelmed with feeling of gratitude to my heavenly father for his love and mercy. It’s so easy to overlook in our daily lives of how evil is truly evil and ugly and so opposed to God and his light and love. I love being reminded of this truth. It gives me an opportunity to be overflowing with thankfulness of what God has sacrificed to love me and give me eternal life.
-Grace K.

I finished BoneMan’s Daughters book in eight hours. Wow. I’ve noticed in this read as well as in some others that you portray Christ like attributes in man, trying to show His love and His care for us. Thanks, and as always I enjoyed the book! I’ve yet to read all of your novels out and I need to get on it! I always feel like my spiritual awareness is heightened and realization of God’s love for ME is brought out with each book I finish!

I just finished Boneman’s Daughters and just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant piece of fiction that not only entertained me but also made me think. I look forward to reading your other works and please keep writing such thoughtful and wonderful books. What a thrill ride Boneman’s Daughters was.
-Kim M.

I just stayed up all night reading “Boneman’s Daughter”. It’s the first Ted Dekker book I have read. It was gripping to the very end. I love to read, and you’ll certainly be on my list of must read from now on. I can only wish that I could express myself half as well as you do. Thanks for a terrific read and a story that moved me to see God differently.
-Susan P.

BoneMan’s Daughter has showed me to love God no matter what I am going through. Thr3e has taught me that I shouldn’t live two lives or wear a “mask” that covers up my real truths.
–Alex S.

I love all of Ted Dekker’s books, but books like Thr3e and BoneMan’s Daughters have impacted me in ways only a select number of books have before. Thr3e happens to be the book that drew me in–I couldn’t stop reading it. Even when I closed the back cover, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. That’s when I knew I had to read more of Dekker’s work. While each book since then has been great, BoneMan’s Daughters was particularly impacting. I felt the emotions of the story–I screamed, cried, laughed, and rejoiced with the characters. Dekker’s books continue to move me, and I am excited to read what comes next.
–Shannon Toussaint

I’m a 15-year-old teenager, my librarian recommended that I read A Man Called Blessed a couple years ago, and my life has not been the same since. It made me think about my faith and how my life has gone, and how true that really is. It was your books that led me to Christ. You are changing the world, one heart at a time. I really believe that you have had some serious affects on some people, you write more than just words, you write the truth.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. I recently read the Circle Trilogy, and it has put a new perspective on how I view life, and it has also helped me develop a more intimate relationship with my Creator. I cannot thank you enough for being a willing vessel that the Lord can use, sharing God’s love to everyone that will listen.

I was in Mexico with my wife Karen when I read ‘Adam’ and I can see why you may have lost some sleep writing it. Thank you though. What a picture of the depth and destruction of sin. Good to be reminded that sin truly does only lead to death.
–Tony W.

I used to be a Stephen King / Dean Koontz fan and I’ve been looking for a new author – I’ve found it in you! You have a great way of making the struggle between good and evil so real.
–Donna C.

I believe in spiritual warfare as it is talked about in Ephesians 6. I just find it awesome that you would strategically place something so powerful into Adam. Just so you know, I think your works are awesome!
–Nick V.

I have been a Christian my whole life and lately I have not been living as one. Your books make me really look at myself. After reading them I realize that God has truly blessed you in your book writing. He is using you to touch many people in this world and for that you should be proud.
–Adrienne K.

I have read most of your books. Adam has hit real close to home. I have been feeling led into spiritual warfare.
–Darrell W.

I just finished Bone Man’s Daughter. What a great read. Your message of the True Father was subtle, but present. I pray many will finish this book and then look toward something like the Circle where they can truly be confronted by the message of salvation.
–Doug S.

I loved Boneman’s Daughter. I usually read: John Sanford, Iris Johansen, James Patterson. Harland Cobin, Greg Iles, Dean Koontz and many more so I am happy to add you to my list of Authors. What a gift you have.
–Judy H.

My eyes are now more open to the evils of the world, and I have been reading my Bible more I must say. God is doing great things through your writing.

BoneMan’s Daughter made me really think, I know that was the point, about evil in a way I never had. I wish all novels had the same kind of thing. I just wanted to thank you for writing it.
-DeAnne Kiper.

Your books, have reached in and beyond an inconceivable part of my mind and soul. you writing have inspired me so much, and have opened my eyes to bigger and greater things in Christ. Thank you for all you do.
–Emma V.

Your books portray God so amazingly well! Those books show God’s glory the best way that our minds can fathom. Your books made me realize that God is even greater than anything and that is mind boggling and beautiful. Thank you for writing those books, God definitely blessed you with incredible talent. –


Your stories are a perfect reminder of The Great Romance found in Scripture. My life has been encouraged from your work. Keep bringing the glory to God through what you do! –


My name is Rahwa and I’m sixteen years old. I’m a huge fan. I get a lot out of your books. I even cried at the end of White when Justin came with the white lions. I just wanted to encourage you to keep writing awesome books because even a non-Christian like me gets inspired by your writing. –


Thank you for writing. Your stories always bring a new freshness in how I see Christ and his love for us, and His power in our lives. –


My name’s Joseph and I’m an 18 year old. You probably hear this all the time, but I gotta start off with saying it: Your books are brilliant (I’ve read every last one). They really changed my life, the way I think, the way I believe, more than anything else I’ve read.


I live with my family in Europe, The Netherlands. I and my lovely wife have read all your books that are translated in Dutch. We love your books so much. It makes us happy to see that you are continuing writing. Your stories really help and inspire us to see and believe (beside the Holy Bible) that many things do not just happen because it has happened, but many things happen with a purpose. –

Arthur T.

Your writing has inspired me more than you could ever imagine… The way that you can use details to take you to a whole new place just blows my mind. I LOVE fiction and when I found something that took me away by storytelling AND gave me a deeper understanding of God’s love for us… I was beyond happy. I just really wanted to say… thank you. Your writing has helped me get through countless situations and difficulties in my life. –


I just finished reading the two Blessed books….awesome is all that I can say! I have gone through and written down some of the quotes for my journal. I am a voracious reader and Christian of over 30 years. Not only are your books a great read; but these books helped me to redefine my Christian walk as I have been in a very dry place spiritually. Thank you so much…God bless your endeavors. –

Dixie G.

I’ve never seen colors or heard God’s audible voice, but I have felt His presence in ways I think described in your stories. It is so amazing. God is so amazing, and I am so glad He has used Mr. Dekker to partially describe (but who can really fully describe?) what it feels like to be touched by Holy Spirit. –


I’ve just begun reading your books…began with Black, then a bunch more!! Your stories are so REFRESHING! God has really used you to get my roots growing again. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. –

John M.

Blessed Child seized my wife and my hearts, touched our spirits, and brought such inspiration to us, our family, and the many, many people to whom we have recommended and given the book. I would love for you to know that your writing has touched us, excited and intrigued me, and stolen many late hours from me as I fought to finish a story. I look forward to each new work and I hope there are many, many more to come. –

James M.

It’s not often one can honestly say that a book changed them. The very first book I read was Adam. It was unbelievable. Thank you so much for following where God leads you. –

Renee S.

Three was one of the best I have ever read. Although it was fiction it was a very thought provoking read. I can’t say enough. God’s Blessing as you continue to challenge your readers to think. –


Just want to let you know I’ve just finished reading Blessed Child as recommended by a mentor. It was by far the most powerful, enjoyable and convicting book I have read in the past decade. I thank you, and pray more hearts are left opened upon reading your books. –


I am a Christian man who, after reading one of your stories experienced something so powerful, moving and convicting that I can hardly describe it. I have been devouring your books for nearly six months now, and your gift of writing is so compelling that I can hardly put a book down once started. But today God spoke to me and opened my eyes to the wasted life of quiet desperation and foolish selfishness that I have subjected myself and those around me. Thank you. –


I just wanted you know that God is reaching people like me through your books and is honoring your faith and service to him. Perhaps when you have a difficult day and wonder if your work and your life really has meaning, remember this note from me. To God be the Glory, and to Ted, my thanks for fighting the good fight and keeping the faith. –

Allen M.

Thank you for using your writing gift. I am so challenged by your books to not allow the things of this world to crowd out my devotion to God. – Susan H.

First of all I would like to say that I love your books, I used to hate reading books with a passion till I picked up your book “Black” at the library (that’s the first book I read cover-to-cover) and now I can’t get enough. –

Jordon Davis

I received all of the Circle books for Christmas from my daughter and I LOVED them. I am truly a fan now. Thanks for the message in those books. . –

Teri Herman

I am a 60 year old grandma, and I was lent your books entitled, Green, B, R, & W by my son this Christmas. I just finished Green. What a page-turner! It was so intense at times that I had to give myself a break just to catch my breath. God bless you and the incredible gift he’s given you to tell others about him. –


I love your books, so far I’m reading the Circle Series, and I just finished White. It’s amazing how many things I pulled out of your books that I realize relate to God, and I’m not the religious! They pull me in and refuse to let go of me. I can’t wait to go and read green then look at your other series. –


I am 15 and wanted you to know that your Circle Trilogy has completely changed my view on God and how he loves us. I hope you know how powerful your books are. They truly show just how much God loves us. Your books are amazing and have captivated me so much. I am currently almost finished reading Green and never want it to end. –


I am a huge fan. When I first read Black… I knew that I was reading something amazing. Then with all the other Circle books…AMAZING. I just wanted to say thank you for being an amazing writer! – Jaryck

The Circle Trilogy spun me around in turmoil. That’s why you write though isn’t it? To affect people with your own head. To tell them the stories your imagination flows with. Your story did that to me and more. When I first opened your book I was trying to escape from life like usual. God is as real as I am so I was also trying to escape him. You showed me i can’t and don’t want to. I could feel myself in the lakes with Thomas. you showed me God’s love in those lakes, at least a glimpse of it. You have brought me back to the real world with a God who loves as passionately as Elyon. And the best part is those lakes of yours are the merest taste of him. The best parts are yet to come. Thanks for letting me swim for a little while with God! –

Brittany W.

I am just reading Green for the first time since it came out. I am a little late but I am gripped not [only] by your skill in story telling but by the message I am finding behind your words. I do not think it is an insignificant message and I am wondering if (possibly even troubled by the question of whether) your fans and readers grasp the gravity of what you seem to be trying to communicate. What does it look like from your end and is there hope for the circle…. the real circle? –


You’re books brought me to tears. Oh, how God must weep at those that still are lost and blind. But I’m glad I know in my heart that Jesus’ love reigns supreme above all else. I only pray that the horde of this world that I’ve come to know and love embrace him as well. Thank you for your works. –

Samuel J.

My name is Judy and I just finished reading the Circle Trilogy yesterday. It was an overwhelming experience. I literally had to put the book down and go take a bath just to calm myself of the emotions blooming inside of me. I stopped reading after the chapter 41. I was crying not out of sorrow or Joy, but out of feeling so much emotion.


Your books amazed me and truly brought me closer to God. Especially Black. The visions of Elyon and his power to alter the world were remarkable and made me remember just how powerful God is. We sometimes forget that because we are so “busy” with our lives trying to control our fate. I wanted so badly to join the colored forest while I read. Thank you so much for the spectacular experience. And I will continue my Journey thru The Circle. –

Luke D.

I just wanted to say thank you for the passion and the conviction you put into your books. I was recently introduced to your books by my pastor and was quickly pulled into the worlds that you present. The message is so deep that the final three chapters had me up all night praying about the contents of my heart. I am a Christian, a new preacher and a loyal reader, now I thank God that I have an author to turn to for amazing, clean and faith building books that don’t follow traditional Christian format. I just wanted to encourage you and say thank you for what you’re doing. Please keep up the great work. –

Terry Roberts

Hi, My name is Elizabeth GarcĂ­a I’m from Mexico city and I read your book HOUSE, it caused a real shock in my life for good.


I have not had the opportunity to see “House” yet but I did read the book (a lot of your other books as well) and I must say that it is refreshing to read something that does not patronize. We are to be in the world, not of the world. We live here and “here” is usually not always pretty — things are not usually tied up in a nice neat black and white bow. I get a little frustrated with books that imply that because you are a Christian, things will not be messy or difficult. It’s all about what you can’t see with your earthly eyes. Thank you for your work and please don’t change. –

Julie Simmons

In the past year, I began reading your books and have been constantly thrilled and moved by the quick pace and enthralling sense of good versus evil. The page-turning quality of your writing, combined with Christian principles and ideas, has made me want to read more and more, resulting in my becoming a fast reader in a matter of days. Until I began reading your books, I had not known that there were such action-packed Christian books available. –


Don’t stop writing books with Christian influences, when I read your books its like a reawakening! And when it comes down to it, your books are not to dark. You can never under estimate darkness and I think you do a very good job on portraying evil! Keep writing and God bless your work! –

Zach Y.

I have read about 10 of your books. All were so amazingly awesome. After finishing Heaven’s Wager, I told my husband that this might be the best book I ever read (except the Bible). If I could have the words like you do, I could spread the gospel so much easier. passion in your writing makes me want to scream from the rooftops, “If you don’t believe that God is our Creator, Lord, and Savior, than read one of Ted Dekker’s books; he will get you on the right track.” God bless you. Please keep writing, for the love of Christ Jesus. –

Robin M.

I do have to say, your Thunder of Heaven series probably had the most impact on me. It opened my eyes to how great God is (at least how great I can imagine Him to be at this time and place) and that I underestimate Him constantly. I don’t often consider the beauty of heaven and the intense light and euphoria that emanates from the Holy of holies. So thank you for letting God use you to speak to me. Point being, you’ve been a great encouragement to me with your stories/parables/novels. I love our Jesus, and through you, God’s tended that love into full bloom. Thank you very much, sir. –

Caitlin W.

Wow! What a wonderful testimonial tool this book has been for me with my non-Christian friends. Thank you so much for the great story. –


Your Paradise series is certainly food for thought. While reading the latest book, I had to deal emotionally to try and go where you took your characters, and I made it. There was a time I would not have given your Paradise books to a non believer, but have now realized they could certainly cause a new reader to think. Seems to be what you’re all about. Okay..I’m diving deep. –


Your novels have constantly kept me thinking and meditating over their meanings. I have actually learned a few valuable lessons from them. I have just recently finished reading Sinner and I thought you hit a very important topic that every Christian needs to hear. –

Kaleb K.

I just finished reading Sinner. Man…once again, you did not disappoint. It was just like Showdown and the Circle books; I had trouble putting it down (and only did so when I absolutely had to). Thanks for being a minister to the world in your subtle way through your fictional stories (although the stories themselves are not so subtle…haha). –

Jason Fort

Huge fan. I’m a youth pastor who reaches out to those left behind by the traditional
church and I have used your stories to reach many of them. Thank you, doesn’t quite cover it. –


Just letting you know, I am amazed. I can really see God working through your writing. You really have brought more light into my and my mother’s eyes. Keep persisting, you write amazing books. God be with you. –

Cody J.

You paint a picture with your words that express what my mouth cannot utter. I feel like I get a glimpse into you heart as well as your mind and it refreshing to know that some people really do dive deep . Your novels are by far the most impacting on my heart and the most fascinating to my mind. What a beautiful mind God has given you, Ted. –

Brigitte A.

Your books really challenge me to live more deeply for Christ. The story is influencing me to live more passionately for Christ. Maybe you are told this often, but I wanted to tell you that your stories make me love Christ more. Thank you for writing. Your books help me grow closer to God, and I appreciate that! –

Abby A.

To be able to weave the redemption story into your novels the way you do is absolutely amazing! When I get a hold of one of your books I end up reading it in one night (can’t put it down) and then get angry with myself because then it is over. Thanks for choosing to become an author. –

Romne G.

Your insight to today’s world is dead-on and how much closer to God would we be if we could really grasp the Circle’s true meaning. God Bless You and keep them coming. –

Zoe C.

Your books have inspired my wife and I to be better every day. Our prayers are with you and with your writings…they are treasured in our house. God bless you…men like you give me hope and are the reason we fight… –

Josh (US Navy)

I thank you for the ministry you present through your books and the Underground. I want to encourage you to keep writing about the Circle, because Some friends and I have read all the books and want to read more about that universe. One of them has became a Christian because of asking me what the books were about. –

Philip D.

God uses you in ways you will never understand. Your books have opened my eyes to a lot about life. God bless you and your family. –

Ayabachi L.

Just a note to tell you I love the books, the story and correlations to the Bible. I wonder how many people actually get it and how many I actually miss. Thanks for the great story. –


I just wanted to say thanks for being an amazing author because there are a lot of authors out there and not all of them write the best books to read for teenagers like myself so thanks. I can’t wait to read more of the books you have in store for everyone in the future. –


Your books are AMAZING! I have read most of your books and i have to say wow. your books help with my relationship with Christ. Thank you so much for your books. Please keep writing. –


I am a new fan. Thank you for writing books that aren’t filled with smut. I love to read but a lot of stuff out there is just not decent for Christians to read. My first book of yours was Obsessed and I could not put it down. I can’t wait to read more of your works. –

Carrie from Evansville, IN

My wife, Erika, and I recently finished reading Obsessed together. We had a hard time putting the book down as we followed Stephen in his search for treasure and meaning. Thank you for challenging us to ask ourselves if there is anything in our lives so precious to us that we wouldn’t sacrifice it for God’s Kingdom. –

Dave and Erika

I have read a few books of yours. And I think you are a great writer. I just finished the book “Obsessed”, and I think that it’s one of the greatest book by you!! –


I was so far away from God until I happened to read one of your books “Three” now I can not put them down. Thank You so much. I am still finding my way back home. –

Jody R

I know you get way to much mail but…. I pastor Stephenville First Assembly I am 40 years old and have a great wife of 18 years and 3 terrific kids (ages 12, 9, and 6) My wife and I have read (almost) everything you have published together. We read aloud to each other and so enjoy hearing the stories unfold together. It happened by accident, I read her one page of Three and she wouldn’t let me stop. Once we couldn’t finish a book so she read to me over the cell phone while I was driving to Austin for a meeting. Anyway we have been deeply affected on many levels and I just wanted to get a “Thank you and atta – boy out to you. Your books have made me a better story teller and in turn a more affective preacher. You have even laced my descriptions of the gospel with words like romance. –

Ed D.

I just finished reading your book Thr3e. I end it with tears in my eyes. The way you wrote about love and hate in every person. But most the love of our Creator. Thanks for your wonderful book. –


It started when I snuck out during lunch at work. Instead of grabbing a quick burger I went to the book store. I needed something fresh, new, mind bending. I saw the novel THREE and cruised the back copy. It sounded good, so I took a chance on an author I’d never heard of. What I found in that book was a voice, characters, and story that forged a brand new eye for me as a reader. Suddenly I was reading new and old books for the story vs. the best selling name on the cover. Ted’s thrillers have molded my style as a writer and grown me as a creative person. Now Ted is a NY Best Seller and his brand and his stories are better than ever. –

Cory C.

The stories of Ted Dekker have not only fascinated me to the point that once I buy them, I‚m up until 3am finishing them, but they have also opened my mind to truths about myself and this world we live in. I find myself contemplating the Thr3e persons I am and how profoundly true that kind of struggle is. Ted’s writing brings to reality the spiritual battle that wages beyond the skin of this world. I have experienced a new awareness, not just of evil, but of the Light that dispels it. Reading thrillers such as his not only gave me a sense of how great that kind of evil can be but really how much more powerful the Truth is. I’ve found myself crying at experiencing the love of Elyon in the Circle Series, nervous and tense at the twists and turns and thoroughly captivated by all of his writings. –


Ted Dekker’s fiction reawakened my imagination and gave me new faith that anything in a “Christian Fiction” genre could be good. He’s not afraid to go where no one else will and while his works of fiction take you on an emotional rollercoaster somewhere deep down there’s a sense that he’s there with you taking each and every step. –

Micah H.

The first book I read from Ted Dekker was Thr3e. I had never read anything like it. The way he takes action packed stories like that and puts real meaning into it. He’s just Amazing! –

Santana R.

When I was younger, I used to be an avid reader. Fictions were my favorite, I loved escaping into a story. However, I hit a dry spell for a few years of my life and didn’t read much at all in that time. Not only did Ted Dekker re-open the door to reading for me with his thriller’s, he blasted the door clear off it’s hinges when I first read Thr3e. –


I don’t think I’ve read an author before Ted Dekker that has kept me so riveted with suspense that one of his books will keep me up all night, even after I’ve finished reading it! For a master of fiction, Dekker is very genuine, and I love how in touch he is with his readers. I’ve been most impressed with how well he can craft a story without compromising the Truth. His stories have helped open the eyes of my heart to seeing God as more real than I ever have before.

Sarah Thompson

I first became familiar with Ted Dekker’s work when I read Thr3e, a buckle-your-seatbelt-and-hold-on-for-dear-life psychological thriller which will shake all you think you know and believe about good and evil. That was merely the beginning of a fantastic journey into the mind of Ted Dekker. Just when you think you have him figured out, he manages to put a new twist on a subject you thought you had worked out and settled in your mind. It is always exciting to see what new areas he will challenge his readers to explore in a way that is always thought-provoking, and often offers a much-needed epiphany. –

RL Briggs

Ted Dekker’s books have been a lifesaver. Over the years I’ve had a rough time in my faith, but his books have kept me going. They always make me think….and keep me on my toes (some even make me sleep with the lights on!). I’ve read every one of Ted’s books, and they are always amazing. –


Ted Dekker’s books are so inspiring! Every time I read (or re-read) one, I get excited about my faith again. All the books are so jam packed with details of God’s love for his church, God’s faithfulness, His forgiveness. I love it! Ted Dekker’s books are truly the best fiction I have ever read. –

Corryn B.

Boneman’s Daughters really impacted my life. It opened my eyes to see how a(my) father feels/thinks. It reminded me a lot of my own father. And now I appreciate him a lot more. All thanks to Ted and his amazing way with words – Kara C.

The first book of Ted Dekker’s that I read was Blink, or Blink of an Eye as it is now called. It was here that I was introduced tot he concept that everything in life boiled down to love. I didn’t realize that at the time, but as I have read more [almost everything, haha] of Dekker’s stuff, and as I have grown older, I see the truth in that statement. It’s helped me live my life more for God’s glory, and makes me look at everyone in a different light. It’s like food for thought, even with his thrillers. Even in the midst of chaos, disorder, and evil, the redeeming love of God and His grace can change anything. –

Ellen G.

Ted Dekker has really impacted my idea of a great writer. I’ve read many of his books and can tell you that Ted Dekker has a God given talent, and I am so glad I found out about him. My small private school has a library, and there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t see a kid without one of his books. That is awesome to me!

Mitch J.

“My favorite thing about Ted’s fiction is that it is always more than a story. Anyone can write a bunch of words on a page but they could mean absolutely nothing. As an avid reader, I’ve read a lot of books like that. Books that when you finally reach the end it’s like “Well that was a waste of time.” Ted’s stories are never like that. They consistently keep me engaged and thinking about things I wouldn’t normally come up against in my average day to day college student life. His Circle Trilogy is my favorite because it does such a good job illstrating the redemptive history of mankind but his thrillers are brilliant as well. –

Holly Diccicco

Ted Dekker’s books have impacted my life in many ways. In a nutshell, he gets across a Christian message without shoving it on his readers. He makes us ponder things that we normally wouldn’t ever even think about, and he shows the evil that is lurking behind the skin of our world that we don’t usually notice. I love Ted’s writing and I’ll keep reading as long as he keeps writing. –

Sara R.

One overriding thought comes to mind when I think Ted Dekker. This particular thought happens to be better than the sum of all Dekker’s complex characters, dynamic descriptions and stunning plot twists. It’s even better than the story behind the man. The thought? Exploration. Dekker explores that which we’re afraid to question, or worse, that which we’ve never questioned. His stories do more than entertain. They enliven. They spark that part of our brain that says, I’ve never seen the world through this lens before. –

Caleb B.

Dekker is the only author I have found who successfully bridges the gap between the Christian mindset and the realm of secular world. As a follower of Christ, I value truth and honesty above than the legalistic teachings that are sometimes propigated by the church. He is not afraid to approach controversial subjects and tread in areas that some find offensive. His stories are often hard-hitting, gritty and tell the truth in ways that would be watered down at best, if attempted by other Christian authors. As a fiction writer, his books are riveting and suspenseful in a way that I rarely find, even in secular novels. I have non-Christian friends who are fans of his, which in itself says a lot. –


I have enjoyed Ted’s fiction for his twist on what we think is reality and what is or could be God’s true reality. He has a challenging way of taking us on a journey with words into a world that exposes the real truth of spirituality. We have only a weak grasp of who God really is and what our purpose is here (on earth as His ambassadors), but Ted’s writing has a way of opening new avenues for God to demonstrate his love for all mankind. You will never be bored reading a Dekker novel and you will never walk away the same. His thrillers take us into a world with overwhelming evil that can only be overcome by the power and love of true goodness and pure love. –

Leanne G.

The way Dekker writes with such passion really comes across when reading it. The fight between good and evil, is very inspiring because its a battle we all go through and often times choose the wrong path. But in reading Dekker’s books it shows that good can, and will triumph. –


Ted Dekker makes me realize how powerful my own choices are. In Thr3e the reality of the power of sin and the complete destruction it brings is really brought to life. It helped me review my own life in the light of how guilt can control who I am and what sort of consequences it brings. –


Ted Dekker is a master storyteller. His books always draw me in immediately, and there is never a dull moment while reading them. His thrillers, which some have deemed “too dark”, have impacted me personally. In the midst of the dark picture he creates, hope is always found. Once all hope seems lost for the character or situation, there is a glimmer of light which illuminates the darkness. Besides all that, there is always some twist in the storyline that takes me by surprise. –


Thr3e was the first book I read by Ted Dekker and it totally blew my mind. I absolutely love the book and have become addicted to Ted’s style. I was completely drawn into the story and was very shocked to discover the truth. I believe that Ted Dekker is one of the best, not just Christian authors around, but one of the best writers, period. –


When I was younger my parents were very careful with what fiction I read, Mr. Dekker made it possible for me to read a great thriller (Three) that my parents approved of because of the Christian base. Now anytime anyone asks me if I can recommended a good book I ALWAYS say anything and everything by Ted Dekker!

Vanessa R.

BoneMan’s Daughter has showed me to love God no matter what I am going through. Thr3e has taught me that I shouldn’t live two lives or wear a “mask” that covers up my real truths. –

Alex S.

I love all of Ted Dekker’s books, but books like Thr3e and BoneMan’s Daughters have impacted me in ways only a select number of books have before. Thr3e happens to be the book that drew me in–I couldn’t stop reading it. Even when I closed the back cover, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. That’s when I knew I had to read more of Dekker’s work. While each book since then has been great, BoneMan’s Daughters was particularly impacting. I felt the emotions of the story–I screamed, cried, laughed, and rejoiced with the characters. Dekker’s books continue to move me, and I am excited to read what comes next. –

Shannon Toussaint

“When Thr3e first came out, I did not know who Ted Dekker was. I wasn’t really interested after reading the book description, but I stumbled upon his previous book, Blink, which I devoured immediately. After such a great read, I thought I’d go ahead and give Thr3e a chance. Boy, was I floored! Thr3e was like a movie playing in my mind, with stunning visual effects and character’s facial and body reactions playing vividly over my conscience. I knew after reading Thr3e that I had found my new favorite author, and he hasn’t disappointed with such awesome books as The Circle Series, Obsession, and Adam.” –

Brian D. Goad

The first book I owned by Ted Dekker was Thr3e, but the first Dekker book I ever read was Saint. Dekker’s fiction is both surreal and horrifying at parts, reminding the reader of the amazing strength people can find in unanticipated situations; at the same time, his books have made me open to new perspectives on all aspects of life, relationships, and faith. –

Bailey K.

I personally enjoyed “Three” tremendously! I love the way Ted took just one verse of the Bible and made a whole thriller from it. In addition, after reading “Three”; you realize that you yourself deal with the same issues and no matter what, with the help of God and those close to you, you can overcome that struggle between the sinful nature and the nature of righteousness the battles inside you. My other favorites are of course the Circle Trilogy; the way Ted can use a fictional story to bring a new perspective on God’s unfailing, unending, and unconditional love. Amazing! – Craig

The unique thing for me with Ted’s novels is that there is always some form of redemption in the story, it’s not just a thrill ride, it’s also a personal journey for the central character. As I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord and become busier in my life with the addition of children, I have begin feeling that I should be allocating my time on things that are worth something “more” – I think Ted’s books have a message that’s worth dwelling upon and I enjoy taking the journey with the central character. –

Tris B.

TED DEKkER’s books always make me think of things in a completely new way. I’m never able to predict what exactly he is going to write. When I think I have it all figured out he throws a twist into the book that I never expected. Makes me look at real life the same way also, but at the same time knowing that God is always in control. –

Josh E.

I first found Ted by reading Blink on a whim many years ago. I saw the recommendation based on my previous respect for Frank Peretti’s work and had to give it a shot. Since then I have found Ted’s to be some of the most poignant and relevant work I’ve read in ages. Ted’s work has affected me emotionally, personally, and as I said semi-professionally. Thanks for letting us in on promotions such as this – I’m sure I’ll love this one just as much as the last (and the one before that, and the one before that… you get the picture). –

Chip G.

I am a big reader, but always skipped fiction, as I didn’t feel it had value enough to justify my time. I had a friend insist I at least start one of Ted Dekker’s books and the rest is history. I have devoured each and every book he has written just as soon as it is released. I especially like his concise style of writing. I read him as much for HOW he writes as WHAT he writes. Hands down, he is my very favorite writer. –

Jari S.

Ted Dekker’s fiction is amazing. He has shown that Christian fiction doesn’t have to be boring or sedate, but can be completely action packed and suspense filled. I love his use of fantasy, bordering on science fiction. The mind games in Thr3e were spectacular. His books are hard to put down. –

Ginger C.

Ted Dekker became my favorite author when I first read one of his books, Black. The one thing that got me was his beautiful and exciting description of God’s love and enjoyment of his children, depicted by diving deep into the green waters of Elyon’s lake. Conversely, Ted’s portrayal of evil, depicted vividly in his thrillers, is also an eye-opening experience. We see not only how Evil constantly seeks to steal us for its own, but also the methods used to capture us. Life can never again be boring. It has become an adventure, a war, and a hero’s quest. –

Chris P.

I love to read Ted Dekker’s books because I know that I will get a GREAT plot and several plot twists without the cussing and sex that some feel that their stories need in order to be good. His books have a way of delivering a Christian message without sounding preachy or condescending and in a way that makes a person think. I have never read any book (aside from the Bible) that delivers the way that Ted Dekker’s books do. –

Greg S.

Ted’s books are AMAZING! I was hooked with Black, and from then on, I’ve bought all of the books he’s written. His unique way of inserting metaphors and parables into his stories really makes the mind think. There’s always a surprise twist somewhere that throws the reader for a loop. –

Sarah Peer

When I first picked up a Ted Dekker thriller, I had no idea what I was getting into. Since devouring THREE, I’ve read all of Dekker’s books and have been inspired by the stories he writes and the way he weaves deep, life-impacting themes throughout his stories. Especially impactful to me have been the Circle Series…his stories have revealed a whole new side of the creativity and love of God to me. –


When it comes to Ted Dekker the thing I really noticed was how much these books opened my eyes. No more complacency; no more slumbering. There is a dark hurting world out there and I can do my best to change it, or sit alone in my easy chair and watch it walk on by. Adam, Thr3e, House…all of his Thrillers had a similar message to send, but the best part is that it is up to the reader to find the message. I don’t think they classified him right, either. “Christian Fiction” paints a picture, but Ted Dekker’s books are for everyone. Ted Dekker is my favorite author, and I think that his books have made a difference in my life. –

Kelsey Keating

Dear Mr. Dekker:

I just found a note written by my 12 yr. old daughter who is a huge fan of yours. Let me preface that I found it in a little book that she used to write in when she could barely make letters and it has notes like, “Jesus luvs you” in it.

Let me also preface this email to you with the list of books she has recently read of yours: The 6 Lost Books, followed by the 3 Circle Books and Green, Skin, Saint, and Showdown.

The note I found this morning referenced your books and had me bawling my eyes out! It is as follows:
I’m writing this as a 12 year old. Jan. 2, 2010. My purpose is to remind myself in the future what Christ gave for us. I usually ignore that fact, but on occasion find myself truly thinking about it at night, leaving me crying in bed. I don’t care who else reads this; perhaps they will stop and really think with me. It makes me sad to see this book that reminds me how faithful to God I was as a very small child and what happened. I don’t really know what did happen. Maybe growing up I got it in my head that because I go to church I don’t need to do any more with God, but in the past few months I’ve read exactly 14 books by Christian authors based on the Bible. They have taught me otherwise. Now I am sure to pray every night. So, if I am reading this remember, and ask yourself, “What did Christ do to make me think so highly of Him in preschool?” When you find your answer, don’t forget it! EVER!!!

I am writing to thank you for your unique way of spreading the Gospel…apparently it is working!

God Bless,
Dawn G.
(Lauren’s mommy)

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