Gathering 2.0 FAQ’s


Below you will find a list of FAQ’s regarding the 2010 Gathering 2.0 events. If you have a question, please read through this list since it might be answered here.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets through iTickets. Click below on the event of your choice to be taken to iTickets:

How many “Gathering 2.0″ events will there be in 2010?

There will be two (2) Gathering 2.0 events in 2010. The first one will be held in Chicago, IL on Saturday, April 17th. The second will be held in Dallas, TX on Saturday, April 24th.

Why did you choose Chicago and Dallas?

We looked at several cities before choosing Chicago and Dallas, both of which are centrally located to a large percentage of Ted’s online community. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it down so we chose cities that would enable as many people as possible to come.

Where and what time will the Chicago and Dallas events be held? On iTickets it says “To be Determined”.
While the cities have been finalized we are still in the process of securing the venues. We will confirm the exact location and time of each event as soon as it is available. We will make that information available via: (1) email to all ticket holders and the entire Ted Dekker newsletter list, (2) an announcement on, and (3) updates on

Are there plans to expand to additional cities in 2010?
No, there currently are no plans to hold events in additional cities in 2010. However, we would like to expand to more cities in 2011 if this year’s events go well
When will I receive my ticket?
All tickets will be printed and mailed after the venues and times have been finalized. Those individuals who purchase tickets before the tickets are printed will receive a purchase confirmation, which secures there spot at the event. Their ticket will then be mailed once available.

What is different about the “Gathering 2.0″ events?
Lots. The first thing that’s differently is the scope of the event. Following the 2009 Gathering we sent out a survey to everyone who attended. We asked them what was most important about the Gathering. Overwhelmingly, they said the Q&A time with Ted and having the chance to connect with each other. While the performance aspects of the Gathering (i.e. the dancers, professional actors, etc.) was nice, they preferred more “Ted time”. So, in 2010 we are making the Gathering a shorter event (approx. 3 hrs) that is essentially a time of extended Q&A with Ted. The price of the event is also much different. The Gathering 2.0 events will cost $20 per ticket, which is $79 cheaper than the 2009 event, reflecting the stripped down nature of the day.

What will the event agenda be?
The vast majority of the time will be Ted fielding questions from attendees. Immediately following the event all attendees will be directed to a book signing, which will be held at a nearby retail bookstore.

Do I really get a copy of The Bride Collector with my ticket?
Yes, you do. All attendees will receive a copy of Ted’s thriller The Bride Collector at no additional cost.
When will I receive my copy of The Bride Collector?
All attendees will receive their copy of The Bride Collector at the book signing immediately following The Gathering 2.0 event. You will receive a claim ticket at the Gathering, which you will bring to the book store to claim your copy. Ted will hand your signed copy to you as you come through the signing line.

Do you have a payment plan for the 2010 events like you did in 2009?
No, due to the much smaller ticket price we are not offering a payment plan for ticket purchases.

*If your question is not answered here, please email with your comment, question, or request. All questions will be responded to within 48 hours.

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