Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)
Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)
Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)
Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)
Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)
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Young Reader Full Collection (19 Book Bundle)

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Get ALL 4 bestselling Dekker young reader series in one bundle, and stock your child's shelf with powerful stories they won't want to put down.

Perfect for readers 7 and up, these books are written to be safe for the whole family and wrap lessons of faith, love, and courage in adventures and characters they will love.

This 19-book collection includes:

• Journey to Impossible Places (3 books)

The Complete Dragons Collection (6 books)

The Complete Dream Traveler's Collection (7 books) 

The Millie Maven Trilogy (3 books)


Customer Reviews

Based on 309 reviews
Christopher Scott

My Kids love them


Great series for 'tween' readers. Very enjoyable, adventurous reading!

Keri Foster
Excellent reading

Bought the 4 series as a gift for my grandkids and they are loving it. Christian fiction and age appropriate...winning!

Ewa Langer
My "Non-Reader" Son Can't get Enough of these books!

My youngest son hates reading, for him it is not enjoyment but much rather like pulling teeth without anaesthetic. At least he was...until we first found Ted's series: The Dream Traveller's Quest. Now he's hooked! After reading all the series available to us from our local library, and re-reading them... I snagged the Youth Collection for us at a recent sale. It was the first time I have seen him excited when I brought books home! We just finished reading the Millie Maven Series and both of us loved it - our favourite one yet. Can't wait to dig into the remaining books, as well as an adult thriller I purchased for myself to try.

The suspense and imagery is spot on and my son regularly asks for "one more chapter". Most importantly, the Christian messages throughout all of his books weave morals and values about life that both believers and non-believers can appreciate. It is a definite win when my son applies these messages to his life and quotes a part of a story when trying to deal with a hard situation in life and how the character would respond. Definitely recommend as read-alouds that the whole family will enjoy.

Joan Akleh
Exceeded my expectations - 2 more requests please!

I purchased all 19 books without knowing if my boys (11 and 8 years olds) would enjoy them, but just basing on a huntch and the customer reviews. My kids totally enjoyed The Chromicals of Narnia, I see similar elements in Ted Dekker's books, I can't be more pleased with my purchased.

I have 2 requests:
1) could you publish more books on Audiobooks? My boys enjoy reading and then listening to these books again.
2) when will the next series for young readers come out? They are eagerly anticipating...