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the Dream 

Traveler's game

Discover a virtual game world with Theo in this epic follow-up to the best-selling series. Three years have passed since we adventured with Theo in The Dream Travelers Quest. He’s more mature now and terrible trouble has swallowed him once more.

When all hope seems to be lost, Theo is sucked into a virtual reality game set in an entirely new medieval world that is descending into chaos, as a small group of rebels seek to rescue their kingdom from the dark lord Marsuuv's rule.

There, Theo, now a member of the rebels, must discover who he really is beyond the game—a fourteen year old boy in Florida who is a child of the light.

A thrilling discovery of truth, perfect for young readers in today’s chaotic world. The Dream Travelers Game 3-Book Bundle continues Theo's story and is the sequel trilogy to the bestselling The Dream Travelers Quest. This trilogy can also be read as a stand-alone series.

Ages 8 and older.

dream traveller's game 3 book bundle

The Inspiration Behind the Story

The Dream Travelers Game is a trilogy which occurs 3 years after its best-selling prequel, The Dream Travelers Quest. If you've ever wanted your kids to experience God's love and the profound truths of who they are in the light of Christ through a story, this is the series for you (and them)!

If you haven’t read the prequel, The Dream Traveler’s Quest, get the bundle with both series or just read either series by itself as both can be read as stand alone stories. 

Both series have been aged up a bit for middle grade readers as well as young adult readers, ages 8 to 17.


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The Dream Traveler's Game

The Dream Traveler's Quest: 4 Book Bundle (Books 1-4)

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The Dream Traveler's Game: 3 Book Bundle (Books 5-7)

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The Complete Dream Travellers Collection: 7 Book Bundle

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Ted Dekker & H. R. Hutzel

Ted Dekker is a multiple award-winning, New York Times and international bestselling author of over 40 novels. His work has reached tens of millions worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages and adapted into major feature films (Thr3e and House). In 2013 NPR readers nationwide named him as one of the top suspense writers of all time.

After discovering the power of stories through her first bestselling novel, H. R. Hutzel has been on a journey to write transformative fiction, where readers can not only lose themselves in her books but find themselves too. She’s the author of the young adult fantasy series Anointed and has been branded by readers, “The C. S. Lewis of our time.”